Beads Max H is a dermal filler containing 20 mg/ml of cross-linked HA that is intended to treat fine to moderate wrinkles. All Beads Max products have a high viscosity, resistance to migration, effective gel hardness, and exceptional moldability. The revolutionary manufacturing method results in greater durability, safety, and detachability. Beads Max H is one of several Beads Max products, with Beads Max S, Beads Max Fine, Beads Max Mid, and Beads Max High all available.

How does it work?

Beads Max H contains large-sized particles that can delay the natural aging process, reduce skin dryness and sagging, and smooth wrinkles.

Benefits of Beads Max H:

  • Beads Max H is similar to ‘volume’ of a normal HA filler
  • The composition of the product prevents migration under the skin
  • Beads Max H has a strong viscosity and cohesiveness
  • Consists of biodegradable hyaluronic acid
  • Eliminates fine wrinkles
  • Increases elasticity
  • Moisturizing
  • Safe and removable

Where can I use Beads Max H?

  • Deep wrinkles
  • Deep forehead wrinkles
  • Cheeks
  • Chin

Beads Max H may not only be used on the face, but also for breast and buttock enlargement. This filler must be injected into the deep dermis and shallow subcutaneous tissue.

Note: To avoid sagging or ptosis when using Beads Max H for breast augmentation, avoid injecting from the bottom and instead inject from the top.

Storage Conditions:

  • Don’t heat or freeze this dermal filler
  • Store at room temperature Expiry date is 24 months from manufacturing date
  • This product is single-use only
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Don’t put force or heavy pressure on the product
  • Avoid opening vial before to prevent contamination

Package includes: Beads Max H, 20mg/mL. 10ml syringe.

Please note that this product is intended for medical experts/cosmetologists/aestheticians/beauticians/health care professionals and must be utilized by such individuals. We are not liable for any adverse effects that may result from non-professional administration of our goods. We will not provide compensation for products that have been mishandled or discarded.

Suggested Use

breast or buttock augmentation


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