Elasty Fine Plus, made by the South Korean business Dongbang Medical, is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler derived from bacterial fermentation that is suitable for usage around the eyes, on the lips, and in the treatment of facial wrinkles. When injecting Elasty Fine, it’s best to go down to the skin’s stubbornness layer. Additional options include Elasty Deep (without lidocaine) and Elasty Grand, Elasty Deep Plus, and Elasty Grand Plus ( with lidocaine)

Using Low Crosslinking Technology and Thin Layer Washing Technology, the HA filler Elasty Fine Plus maximizes operational convenience and safety. By using a small quantity of crosslinking agent, the LC Technology keeps HA’s natural safety and effectiveness intact with little to no distortion. To make an already safe product more safer, TLW Technology gets rid of any unwanted by-products from the crosslinking procedure.

Benefits of Elasty Fine Plus with Lidocaine:

  • Low crosslinking technology
  • Thin layer washing technology
  • High viscoelasticity
  • Little post swelling
  • Safe Supplied in a glass syringe

Purpose of product usage: Wrinkles around the eyes and elsewhere on the face benefit from this product’s application. It also works great as a lip plumper.

Package: 2 syringe/ 1.0mL (cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel 20mg/mL), 4 disposable needles 27G1/2“

Storage conditions: Shelf life is 24 months from manufacturing date

Keep away from direct sunlight Store at room temperature (1-30°C)

Note: Our products require professional medical supervision and should only be used as directed. Any harm that occurs as a result of improper use of our products is not our fault. Wasted or abused products are not eligible for refunds.


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