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Elasty Fine is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler developed by the South Korean business Dongbang Medical. It is ideal for usage around the eyes, lips, and creases on the face. The injection depth for Elasty Fine is the skin’s most resistant layer. Elasty Fine Plus, Elasty Grand Plus Lido, Elasty Deep, Elasty Grand, and Elasty Deep Plus Lido are further goods.

Using Low Crosslinking Technology and Thin Layer Washing Technology, the HA filler Elasty Fine maximizes operational convenience and safety. By using a limited amount of crosslinking agent, which limits HA deformation, the LC Technology preserves the intrinsic safety and efficacy of HA. TLW Technology eliminates by-products formed during the crosslinking procedure to increase the product’s safety.

Benefits of Elasty Fine:

  • Low crosslinking technology
  • Thin layer washing technology
  • High visco-elasticity
  • Little post swelling
  • Safe Supplied in a glass syringe

Purpose of product usage: The product is meant to reduce wrinkles, notably those around the eyes and on the face. Additionally, it can be used as a lip filler.

Package: 2 syringe/ 1.0mL (cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel 20mg/mL), 4 disposable needles 27G1/2“

Storage conditions: Shelf life is 24 months from manufacturing date

Keep away from direct sunlight Store at room temperature (1-30°C)


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