Main component:

  • Calcium hydroxyapatite 5%
  • Cross linked hyaluronic acid 95%

New generation of dermal fillers

Made of: Calcium hydroxyapatite + cross linked hyaluronic acid gel (HA dermal fillers) lidocaine 3mg/cc

  • The main complaints of calcium dermal fillers are initial swelling , initial volume loss and impossibility of correction
  • The main complaints of HA dermal are the short duration of HA fillers
  • This GANA CH has only the merits of calcium and HA fillers but the demerits of calcium and HA dermal fillers

The merits of GANA CH:

  1. Offers remarkable anti-aging effects that last for 2-3 years by cross linked hyaluronic acid gel and Later volume augmentation by the collagen formation by calcium hydroxyapatite
  2. The lower initial swelling by the absence of carboxy methyl cellulose
  3. The lower pain by additional lidocaine 3mg/cc
  4. The immediate correction is possible by hyaluronidase
  5. This GANA CH has the merits of HA and calcium dermal fillers
  6. The risk of gel migration is completely eliminated
  7. Does not expose patients to harmful side effects
  8. Post-treatment swelling is greatly minimized


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