CHA Meditech’s Hyafilia Grand with Lidocaine Plus utilizes an innovative technology of multiple injections, making it a popular product among numerous aesthetic medicine professionals.

What is included in the box? Hyafilia Grand with Added Lidocaine (1x1ml) Hyafilia Grand with Lidocaine 20 mg/ml Plus is the optimal choice when:

  • Excellent hydrophilicity of the skin;
  • Long-lasting, biphasic effect
  • High elasticity;
  • Treatment of fine lines, normal and deep wrinkles,

thanks to the cross-linked BDDE;

  • Petit Plus, Normal Plus, and Grand Plus are effective because to their lidocaine concentration. Hyafilia Grand with Lidocaine Plus was created by one of the leading hospital networks in Korea.
  • CHA is the result of aesthetic traditions. Licensed by CE. Not contaminated with traces of animal products.

Suggested Use

To apply the product, a high-quality hyluron pen with changeable pressure settings is advised.


+ Gift: Free Face Mask


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