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Composition Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A
Application part Face,neck
Dose 50 units
Duration 6 months
Packing 1 vial
Storage 2 ~ 8°C

Innotox online for sale, INNOTOX is a botulinum toxin type A formulation that comes in liquid form and is used in medical treatment. The very first of its sort anywhere in all of space and time.

An alternative to Botox that is easy to maintain and has the same level of effectiveness.

This approach is an effective treatment for a wide variety of wrinkles and conditions, including forehead lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, lip creases, mimic wrinkles, blepharospasm, neck wrinkles, hyperhidrosis, and excessive sweating of the hands, armpits, and feet.

The most advantageous quality of INNOTOX is that it may be utilised immediately because it is a liquid that does not call for any additional solvents. It is only necessary to use one vial for the entire therapy, and the distribution of the medication takes significantly longer than that of Botox.

INNOTOX does not contain any potentially dangerous substances such as albumin, saline, or proteins in any amount. Because it is generated from plants, INNOTOX does not pose any of the dangers that are normally linked with treatments involving Botulinum Toxin Type A. This is due to the absence of any toxins or chemicals that are potentially harmful to the skin. The fact that INNOTOX’s therapeutic effects can last for up to 8 months after treatment is one of the nicest things about this product, in addition to the many other advantages it possesses.

Utilized to sculpt the face, smooth out wrinkles, lift the face and neck, define the lips, and a variety of other facial features without giving the appearance that you have been immobilised. Effective in relaxing the muscles around the area where the injection was given, which helps to diminish the look of wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, and other fine lines and wrinkles.

The effects of the dosage can be seen beginning three days after administration and continue for at least six months. Sterile liquid with a concentration of 4 units per 0.1 millilitre, derived from a culture based on plants and approved by the KFDA. Simple to store and recycle after use.

Prices that are significantly lower for batches of 50 or 100.

Look younger without undergoing plastic surgery.


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