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Meditoxin is a type A botulinum toxin (100 units) manufactured in Korea by Medy-Tox Inc. since 2006. Korean scientists examined Clostridium botulinum in the 1980s, and they later formed a biotechnology business called “Medy-Tox. Inc. Botulinum toxin type A became a biopharmaceutical product after several experiments on the biological, biochemical, immunological, and toxicological aspects. m Meditoxin┬« was licenced to well-known pharmaceutical companies in 2004, including Ranbaxy, which launched Meditoxin to the South American market, and Q-MED, which has been active in marketing in Europe and Japan since 2007. All of this demonstrates the dependability of the Meditoxin brand. When compared to Allergan’s Botox, MEDITOXIN provides first-rate botulinum toxins A at a reasonable price.

Duration of effects of Meditoxin 100IU:

Botox meditoxin treatment has a duration of 4-6 months. To keep the outcomes, the treatment should be repeated every 6-9 months. Botulinum toxin treatments are not hazardous when repeated.

Meditoxin 100IU Side effects:

In general, botulinum toxin, when administered correctly, does not cause harm; but, it, like all other brands of botox, has contraindications. The use of botulinum toxin for unapproved indications increases the risk of side effects such as facial muscle weakening or lip sagging.

Meditoxin 100IU Advantages:

The Korean Botox Meditoxin treatment takes about 20 minutes, is non-invasive, and allows you to revitalise your face. Botulinum Meditoxin produces significant results with little doses and has a high level of satisfaction.

Indications and use

Botox Meditoxin is beneficial in the following situations:

  • Adults above the age of 18 with benign essential blepharospasm
  • Foot abnormalities caused by spasticity in children with cerebral palsy after the age of two years
  • Improvement of moderate to severe brow globallary wrinkles (wave muscle)
  • Muscle stiffness of the upper limb following a stroke in persons over 20 years of age.


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