The optimal formulation of pharmacological substances for optimal skin effects.

MISS GISELE promotes healthy skin by combining Vitamine B12, Succinic Acid, hyaluronic acid, etc., which ensure superior efficacy in lipolysis, moisture supply, and maintenance of healthy skin state.


  • Rare side effects
  • simple methods
  • less pain
  • short procedure time.
  • MISS GISELE effectively shapes facial line by removing excessive fats
  1. Without adverse side effects or yo-yo effect, natural components aid in the removal of excess body fat for a permanent solution.
  2. It dissolves excessive fats and smoothes face lines while moisturizing the skin and stimulating collagen production.
  3. MISS GISELE is a safer alternative to liposuction and a painless way to live daily life.

Ingredients help to burn fat:

SUCCINIC ACID : Helps generate heat in the body and burns calories

GINKGO BILOBA LEAF EXTRACT: As an excellent blood circulation improvement ingredient, it helps to decrease swelling by removing waste products and toxins.

ARTICHOKE: Helps to burn fats and calories.

Protocol V Lin ( Face):

Injection Depth : Subcutaneous layer

Point Injection(Distance) : 1cm

Apply : 0.3 ml at each point

Needle : 30G

Interval : 1 week(Recommend 3 – 8 week)


  • Operation must be performed by trained doctors.
  • Before the procedure, the doctor must fully explain to the patient the indications, contraindications, and potential side effects of this product.
  • In case of infection or inflammation occurs, do not use until the symptoms are completely resolved.
  • Bruising may occur after the procedure. (Normally, it disappears within 7 days.)
  • Do not take sauna for 3 days after the procedure.
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke for 7 days to prevent inflammation.
  • Do not use on patients have nut allergy, aspirin allergy, asthma, hypersensitivity to other drugs, thyroid disease (hyperactivity/lowering),
  • Hepatocelluar insufficiency and liver disease (beta blocker), epilepsy or porphyria, sleeping pills for insomnia, and medication for depression
  • due to lack of studies of potential interactions with MISS GISELE.
  • If the skin is too saggy, perform a lifting procedure to strengthen the elasticity of the skin before performing the procedure.
  • Recommend to have skin irritation test before the procedure.
  • Before use, make sure to check that the sterilization condition is not damaged.
  • Check the expiration date of the product listed on its label.
  • Store at refrigerator after opening the product.


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