Neuramis Deep with Lidocaine is a superbly formulated dermal filler that any reputable plastic surgeon and aesthetic dermatologist must include in their arsenal of professional-grade anti-aging products. This world-class HA solution by Medytox, distributed by US Botox Fillers, provides painless facial contouring and augmentation of the cheekbones, lips, chin, and forehead, as well as the appearance of natural volume beneath the skin. Neuramis Deep Lido or Neuramis Deep Lidocaine is utilized in contour plastic surgery for the treatment of deep, uneven skin areas, including those on the face, lips, neck, chest, and hands. How does it work? Neuramis Deep Lido dermal fillers have medium viscosity. It works effectively on the deep dermal layers of the face, neck, hands, and chest to rapidly and effectively fill in creases and folds. It has been produced using 3D cross-linking technology, and its high volumetric qualities provide biodegradation resistance.


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