The filler Neuramis Deep is a genuinely flexible hyaluronic acid-based filler. It can be used to sculpt the face, fill deep and moderate creases, and plump the lips (push-up effect). Neuramis Deep was created by the biopharmaceutical business Medytox. Neuramis Deep is chosen by cosmetologists all over the world because to its excellent efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, it is completely secure.

Key Advantages: 

  1. The filler Neuramis is based on SHAPE technology. It undergoes two distinct phases of intermolecular bond formation.
  2. The product contains a hyaluronic acid basis of the highest purity. American and European authorities have verified the safety of the components.
  3. Immediate outcomes are visible after the initial surgery.
  4. The results of Neuramis-based operations can persist up to one year.
  5. This product is Lidocaine-free. The Neuramis Fine filler can be administered to patients with lidocaine hypersensitivity.
  6. This product is less expensive than European fillers.

Purpose of the product: 

  • lip plumping
  • filling medium wrinkles
  • restoring the volume near the chin and cheekbones

This filler is compatible with the Hyaluron pen. The whole spectrum of fillers offered by Neuramis are given in syringes. 1 ml is the volume of the syringe. 20 mg/ml is the concentration of hyaluronic acid. The kit includes two injection needles. Storage Circumstances Do not freeze or heat this dermal filler. The expiration date is 24 months after the date of manufacture. This item is for one-time use only. Store at 2-25 degrees Celsius Avoid exposure to direct sunlight Do not apply force or excessive force on the product.
Product of South Korea

Two distinct packaging types Both are Authentic.

Reason: For different markets Neuramis has different packaging.


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