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Rejeunesse Fine, which contains lidocaine (0.3%), is injected into the mid to superficial mid dermis to treat fine to medium depression lines on the face. The South Korean company NewMedic Co. Ltd. creates Rejeunesse Fine to counteract the effects of aging on the skin. This rejuvenating product is intended to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, and provide a subtle lifting effect.

Benefits most notable It is purified in a total of eight steps, so using it poses no risk and produces no negative consequences.

  1. Because of its modest reticulation, it can be injected intradermally with relative ease.
  2. Painless injection is possible due to the product’s anesthetic content.
  3. Gives moisture to the skin and promotes the body’s natural renewal processes (collagen and elastin production).
  4. The fixed areas blend in seamlessly with the rest of the picture.
  5. Between 6 and 8 months, you can enjoy the benefits of the operation.

Product purpose: Small lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and décolleté can be diminished with the help of Rejeunesse Fine. Not only does it help fix minor flaws and keep lips supple, but it’s also utilized to fill in lacrimal grooves. Injections can be placed in the skin around the eyes, the mouth, or the lips.

A dermal filler is injected into the outer dermal layers of the skin. The technique results in smooth, elastic, and uplifted skin.

Composition: The hyaluronic acid concentration in the gel is 24 mg/ml. 1,1 ml is the capacity of the syringe. Additionally, it is finished with two needles of size 30G. 0.3 percent Lidocaine. Scale 60 grams Storage Conditions Never expose this dermal filler to extreme temperatures. Keep at ambient temperature (2-25 degrees Celsius) The product has a 24-month expiration date from the date of production. This is a one-time use item only. Don’t expose yourself to the sun. Don’t slam or otherwise abuse the item.

Suggested Use

best to use with 30G needle or hyaluron pen


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