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The goal of the Rejeunesse Shape procedure, which is recommended for patients over the age of 50, is volume modeling of the face and rejuvenation. All quality testing under international norms have been passed, and the product is fully risk-free for human use. By effectively restoring volume loss, this cosmetic aid helps bring back youthful curves.

Main advantages:

  • It has the best reputation for durability of any product in the series. This substance can remain in the skin for up to 1 year and a half.
  • When applied to wrinkles and creases, UPHEC technology’s viscous and solid structure is an ideal solution.
  • The gel creates a barrier against harmful microbes, replenishes lost moisture, and jumpstarts the body’s own regeneration mechanisms.

Product purpose:

In the field of aesthetic medicine, Rejeunesse Shape is employed for non-invasive facial contouring. It can produce a body that has maintained its muscle tone after death. Features including the nose, cheeks, chin, and ovalness can be altered. Composition When the syringe is pressed, the gel inside the filler is expelled. 1.1 ml is the exact volume. The primary ingredient is a 24 mg/ml quantity of hyaluronic acid that does not come from animals.

Hyaluronic acid concentration: 24 mg/ml;

Linking agent: BDDE is not detected;

PH: 6,8;

Volume creation: ++++. Lidocaine Package one syringe 1,1 ml two needles 26G

Reticulation degree 11%  Action time 12 months. Manufacturer:  NewMedic Co. Ltd / South Korea.  Weight 60 g

Suggested Use

best to use with 26G needle or hyaluron pen


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