The Sardenya Shape dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid BDDE that has been cross-linked. It contains big particles that assist delay the natural aging process, smooth wrinkles, and reduce skin dryness, giving the skin a fresh and youthful appearance.
Sardenya Shape is used to smooth and fill deep facial wrinkles and to create beautiful contours in the nose, chin, cheeks, and face contour.
The high average grain size of Sardenya Shape makes it perfect for deep wrinkles like those on the forehead and for adding volume to the cheeks.
Sardenya Shape is a refined hyaluronic acid filler that is devoid of contaminants and adverse effects, employs non-animal materials, and creates its own purifying methods. As the filler contains 0.3% lidocaine as an anesthetic, this product alleviates the patient’s pain during the injection. It is recommended to use Sardenya Shape with lidocaine for the treatment of superficial facial depressions and to give the dermis a youthful appearance.
The product Sardenya Shape has a high molecular weight and is heavily crosslinked. Due to its precisely regulated concentration, when injected the degradation process is significantly slowed down, therefore repeated injections in a short time and for a short length are no longer required.
The dermal filler Sardenya Shape contains BDDE-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. It contains big particles that can delay the natural aging process, reduce skin dryness and sagging, and smooth wrinkles. South Korea is the manufacturer of this filling.

Main Advantages:

  • HA filler, which is the safest of all dermal fillers.
  • Non-animal hyaluronic acid.
  • BDDE filler, which ensures longer lasting usage.
  • High storage modulus, which helps shape the contour of the procedure area.
  • Lidocaine ensures a painless procedure.

Product Purpose:Sardenya Shape is utilized to fill deep facial creases and create exquisite contours of the nose, chin, cheekbones, and facial contour. The average grain size of Sardenya Shape is comparatively large. This is fantastic for forehead wrinkles and giving volume to your cheekbones.

Composition: The medicine is included in a syringe containing gel containing hyaluronic acid (24 mg/ml) and lidocaine (3%).

Weight:  60g

Manufacturer: South Korea

Please note that this product is intended for medical experts/cosmetologists/aestheticians/beauticians/health care professionals and must be utilized by such individuals. We are not liable for any adverse effects that may result from non-professional administration of our goods. We will not provide compensation for products that have been mishandled or discarded.

Suggested Use

Duration: 12-18 months


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